Branding through People

Immergiti nella nuova era dell’influencer marketing.
Collabora e promuovi i migliori brand attraverso la potenza dei video brevi!

Branding through People

Dip yourself in the new era of Influencer marketing.
Vidoser is the best way to collaborate and promote brands across short videos.

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We are more than a platform for short videos.

We are the union between innovation, creativity and sharing in promoting brands with authority and effectiveness.

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Perchè Vidoser?

Siamo più di una piattaforma per i video brevi.

Siamo l’unione tra innovazione, creatività e condivisione nella promozione dei brand con autorità ed efficacia. 

I nostri creators producono valore 15 secondi alla volta!   

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Vidoser helped me growing up across brand collaborations! It’s an app that brings out all your facets and above all excites you!


Vidoser is a great way to start working with brands! You can earn money simply by posting stories: 15 seconds turn into money!”


I’ve always had a great time with Vidoser and, at times when there’s no inspiration, I can find some fun challenges inside the app! A must have for creators!


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Vidoser involves entire communities of people in the communication campaigns of the most important brands.

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